Connecticut Department of Correction
Transfer Opportunity

Position Title:
Correction Officer
Canine Handler (K-9 Unit)
Open To: Current DOC Employees Only
Location: Statewide Vacancies
5 and 3 Schedule
Closing Date: Tuesday, December 15, 2015
General Experience: Candidates must have completed three (3) years of employment as a Correction Officer and meet the criteria outlined in Administrative Directive 6.11 (AD 6.11) including the selection criteria outlined in AD 6.11 (section 6, Subsection (A) 1 and 2 in order to apply for this position.
Preferred Experience: Appointment to the canine unit shall be based on the following:  completion of (1) year of service within the agency's tactical units, work experience, employment history, judgment, reliability, initiative and ability to support the unit's mission.
Special Requirement:
Each employee assigned as a canine handler must successfully complete the Connecticut State Police Canine Certification Program.  This includes a sit & reach test for flexibility, a push-up test for muscle endurance of the upper body, a sit-up test for muscular endurance of the abdominal and hip flexor muscles, a 300-meter run for power, a 1.5 mile run to test for cardio-respiratory and aerobic fitness.  Also to successfully carry (underhanded) an 80 pound heavy bag for a distance of 50 feet.  The candidate must then place the bag over a 6-foot wall, and negotiate themselves over the freestanding wall unassisted.  Once on the other side, pick up the bag and carry it (underhanded) for an additional 50 feet.  A canine handler, once certified, shall remain current with all required training and shall maintain the minimum standards.  Canine teams shall train annually with the Correctional Emergency Response Team/Special Operations Group.  At least 16 hours of training related to the operations of the Canine Unit shall be provided prior to assignment with a canine in accordance with Administrative Directive 2.7, Training and Staff Development.
Note: All statewide canine teams shall be assigned to the Operations Division who shall report to the Deputy Commissioner of Operations and Rehabilitative Services.  Each team shall be trained, certified and re-certified annually in accordance with Administrative Directives 2.7, Training and Staff Development and 7.2, Armories.
Application Instructions:
Current Department of Correction employees who meet the above requirements need to submit a detailed cover letter explaining your reason(s) for applying; a detailed resume including your preferred e-mail address and your last two (2) Performance Evaluations.  Emailed applications will not be accepted.
Patty Meskers, HR Specialist
Department of Correction
Recruitment Office
24 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, CT 06109
Fax:  860-692-7615
Note for Applicants:
The filling of this position will be in accordance with reemployment, SEBAC, transfer, promotion and merit employment rules.  State employees should be aware that your performance appraisals, attendance records and discipline records will be reviewed to ensure that you meet DOC Administrative Directive 2.3.

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer