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Connecticut Department of Agriculture Seizes Sheep from Beacon Falls Farm

(HARTFORD, CT) – On February 24, 2023, the Connecticut Department of Agriculture (CT DoAg) executed a search and seizure warrant for animals located in Beacon Falls, CT. The department obtained custody of 99 sheep and one goose, which were transported to the Department of Agriculture’s rescue and rehabilitation facility located within the Department of Corrections’ facility in Niantic, CT. The Woodbridge Regional Animal Control received 15 cats that were voluntarily surrendered. The department wishes to thank Woodbridge, Southbury, Oxford, North Haven, and East Haven Animal Control for their assistance.

The sheep, including 65 adults and 34 lambs, will be evaluated and treated by state licensed veterinarians and remain in DoAg’s custody and care until the case is adjudicated in the court system.

Triggered by a complaint received on February 22, the state Department of Agriculture’s Animal Control Unit and Regulatory Services staff met with the owner of the animals on February 23 to further assess and resolve the situation. At that time, one ewe and her lamb were removed with permission of the owner and brought to a veterinarian to receive critical treatment for survival. Following treatment, the lamb and ewe were transported to the rescue barn in Niantic.

Based on the citizen complaint and surveillance that revealed animal welfare concerns, including unsuitable living conditions, excess growth of wool causing skin conditions and bald patches, as well as lameness due to overgrown hooves, the Department of Agriculture applied for, and was granted, a search and seizure warrant for the remaining animals in question.

Removal of animals is a last resort after attempting to work with the owner to voluntarily improve the standard of care. Resources and support for animal owners facing hardship is available through the Department of Agriculture at 860-713-2500.

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture mission is to foster a healthy economic, environmental, and social climate for agriculture by developing, promoting, and regulating agricultural businesses; protecting agricultural and aquacultural resources; enforcing laws pertaining to domestic animals; and promoting an understanding among the state's citizens of the diversity of Connecticut agriculture, its cultural heritage, and its contribution to the state's economy. For more information, visit



For Immediate Release: Tuesday, February 28, 2023 Contact: Rebecca Eddy,