2023 Farm Transition Grant (FTG)


The following guidance document contains information pertaining to the 2023 Farm Transition Grant including match requirements, expenses, payment, project duration, and post-award requirements. It is recommended you read through this document before starting your application.

The Cash Match Requirement document includes helpful information to determine the required cash match for projects of varying amounts.

2023 Farm Transition Grant Guidance

Cash Match Requirement Tables for Transition Grant Categories

The following documents and forms are required components of Farm Transition Grant Applications. To view a list of what is required to ensure you have a complete application, click on the Apply Section.

New Farmer Micro Grant Narrative

Crop Plan

Specialty Crop Plan

Infrastructure Investment Grant, Research and Development Grant, and Innovation and Diversification Grant Narrative

Budget and Project Timeline Workbook 

Template Landlord Agreement


Documentos en español

Descripción del subsidio para inversión en infraestructura, investigación y desarrollo, e innovación y diversificación

Descripción de microsubsidios para nuevos agricultores

Orientación sobre la subvención

Presupuesto de la subvención, narrativa de la subvención y libro de trabajo de la línea de tiempo

Formulario de consentimiento del propietario