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CT Strategic Prevention Framework

The Connecticut Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Initiative (SPF-SIG):
Building a Solid Foundation for Delivering and Sustaining Effective Substance Abuse Prevention

DMHAS Awards $2 Million to Address Underage Drinking Through the CT Strategic Prevention Framework - State Incentive Grant
The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), on behalf of the Office of the Governor, is pleased to announce the dedication of $2 million over three years to support twenty-nine new grants to implement the Connecticut Strategic Prevention Framework (CT SPF), a data driven planning process designed to effectively prevent alcohol abuse in communities, with a special emphasis on underage drinking. Successful proposals addressed the priority substance problem specific to their sub-region of the state, as identified in Sub-Regional Profiles prepared by DMHAS-funded Regional Action Councils (RACs) in consultation with Community Needs Assessment Workgroups.  
SPF SIG Grantees
October 18, 2006 CT SPF SIG Grantees receive certificates of award from Peter Rockholz, M.S.S.W. Deputy Commissioner, DMHAS at the CT Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking (CCSUD) Conference.


The overall purpose of the CT SPF Initiative is to develop a comprehensive Prevention Strategy for delivering and implementing effective substance abuse prevention and/or mental health promotion services. The Initiative will serve as a blueprint for State and community partners to apply the federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention’s (CSAP) Strategic Prevention Framework towards creating healthy communities for everyone. The CT SPF Initiative will align its work around CSAP’s framework, providing tools that will guide State and local partners in conducting needs assessments, capacity development, strategic planning, plan implementation, and outcome evaluation.  

How this Initiative will help CT:

The CT SPF Initiative will be used as a guide to facilitate and implement CT’s two prevention policy plans. CSAP’s Strategic Prevention Framework is consistent with many of the core recommendations outlined in each of these plans. For example, the State Prevention Council seeks to provide a comprehensive, data-driven approach to prevention service delivery, and is charged with: 1) identifying, within each Council agency budget, any prevention service appropriations; and 2) developing a comprehensive Statewide Prevention Plan to establish a framework that: a) better coordinates existing and future prevention expenditures across state agencies, b) recommends improvements and coordination of interagency services and training, c) identifies evidence-based programs that work, d) classifies agencies’ prevention programs using outcome performance measures, including findings, and e) increases fiscal accountability. 

Strategy Types:

The CT SPF Initiative, through a series of state/local needs assessment activities, will identify the substance abuse prevention needs across CT’s populations and communities. This information will support development of a multifaceted CT Strategic Plan to answer policy-relevant questions leading to the efficient and effective allocation of resources in the delivery of substance abuse prevention services.

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