Connecticut Block Grant Recovery Program - Assistance with Security Deposit and Utilities

Provides security deposit and payment for utility arrearages.


Any person receiving services from a DMHAS-funded program is eligible with a psychiatric disorder, substance use disorder or co-occurring disorder.

Guidelines were expanded from requiring a CT BOS CoC verification form to also include a letter from the provider attesting to the person’s status as being homeless or being at a real risk of homelessness.


Connecticut Block Grant Recovery Programs - Assistance with Recovery Support Resources (RSR)


Any DMHAS-funded provider can access these funds on behalf of specific client/clients. Rationale should speak to how the request will assist the client in their recovery such as increasing job skills, physical health, education, etc.

Connecticut Block Grant Recovery Program - Short-Term Recovery Housing Vouchers


Open to SUD providers to apply on behalf of clients with a substance use disorder for temporary stay (up to 60 days) in a DMHAS contracted sober house. Open to those individuals not eligible for BHRP-B (HUSKY D), open to those who do not have the financial means to pay for sober housing or do not have HUSKY D.