Managed Services Division
Promoting Integrated Care in Connecticut (PIC-CT)


Robert Haswell, Director (860) 418-6799


Katharine Willis, LCSW, Clinical Manager, (860) 418-6848


Purpose: To promote and provide integrated, evidence-based medical and behavioral health care for adults with mental illness and co-occurring physical health conditions or chronic diseases, and for adults with substance use disorders.

Project Period: 5 years (FFY 2019-2023)

Federal Funding Amount: $2,000,000 annually

Funder: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): Promoting Integration of Primary and Behavioral Health Care (PIPBHC)



  • Serve more than 2,250 individuals in the Hartford, Waterbury and Bridgeport areas.

  • Increase the number of people who receive integrated behavioral health, including medication assisted treatment, and primary care.

  • Increase our knowledge and experience with integrated care models in different settings.

  • Improve health indicators across population served (e.g., blood pressure, BMI, lipid profile).

  • Reduce disparities in access and health outcomes across population served.


    Proposed Approaches:

  • Build on CT’s Behavioral Health Home (BHH) model implemented over the past several years.

  • Use of care coordination including nurse care management and peer support to assist with client engagement in integrated care.

  • Use of evidence-based practices for treatment of behavioral health as well as the promotion of health behavior change and peer support.

  • Support the improvement of integrated care models for primary and behavioral health care through continuous quality improvement practices, including a formal evaluation of the initiative.



  • Community Health Resources (CHR)

  • Charter Oak Health Center

  • Wellmore

  • StayWell Health Center

  • Optimus Health Care

  • Recovery Network of Programs (RNP)

  • Yale Program for Recovery & Community Health (PRCH)



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