Division of Safety Services

Support Operations provides 24/7 administrative and technical support to Field Operations in five (5) centralized functions – investigations, information and records management, recruitment, training and quartermaster.  

The Central Investigations Unit (CIU)
Lieutenant Michael Edelwich, CIU Supervisor


(860) 262-5326

The CIU is responsible for managing preliminary and/or follow-up specialized criminal and non-criminal complex, serious, sensitive or confidential investigations referred from Filed Operations; prepares position papers and investigation reports on behalf of the Commissioner for the Assistant Attorney Generals’ Office for claims and lawsuits filed against DMHAS; prepares warrants, as well as, reviews arrest and search warrants affidavits prepared by officers; participates in the recruitment, screening and selection process of candidates for police officer positions within DMHAS; conducts and interprets results of criminal history checks for Human Resources for potential new DMHAS employees; maintains Division Training Files and Uniform and Equipment Inventory Control Records.  

The Information and Records Management Unit

Sergeant Thomas Ruggiero, Administrator


(860) 262-5386

This unit is responsible for the maintenance, security, retrieval, dissemination and retention of all police records, reports and documents, in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations, policies and procedures, and training guidelines.  Additionally responsible for managing the DMHAS Police Law Enforcement Administration System (LEAS); a comprehensive and interactive computer software system containing modules be divided into two primary functional areas: Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management System (RMS). 

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