Division of Safety Services
Request for Police Reports

The DMHAS Police are required under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to disclose certain records requested in writing by any person.  Authorization by the Chief is required for the release of any information, documents generated by the DMHAS Police.  All information requests are subject to a review procedure before being released and may not be immediately available.

It is our goal to provide the public with access to information legally defined as public, while maintaining the confidentiality of information exempted by law.  Therefore, if approved, the report may have some information redacted.

These are many variables which may come into play in whether a report is releasable.

  • Accident reports
    There are no restrictions on release unless criminal charges were filed in relation to the accident.  Public release must await final court disposition of any criminal charges, however, persons actually involved in the accident may obtain the record subsequent to the issuance of a warrant or summons in the matter.
  • Active Investigations
    In most cases, these records are not accessible.
  • Arrest Reports
    Arrest Reports are considered property of the court and cannot be released by this department until an outcome of the verdict is reached.  However, you or your attorney may request a copy at the time of the court appearance from the Court.
  • Juvenile Information
    All requests for information must be made to the Juvenile Court.  The police are statutorily forbidden from releasing juvenile arrest information.
  • Certain Identities
    The identities of certain persons are exempted from disclosure by statute.  Sexual Assault and Risk of Injury victims, certain witnesses (as well as signed statements from witnesses), and confidential sources.
  • Uncorroborated Allegations
    These records are not accessible by law.
  • Reports Containing Medical Information
    In most cases these are not available except to the person involved.
If you would like to request information, print out our PSD-17 Request Form and submit it per the instructions outlined there.