Infectious Disease Services

Infectious Disease Services
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Infectious Disease Services are offered in the context of substance abuse treatment to clients who are already admitted to a particular program. Each high risk admission and his/her counselor mutually develops a risk reduction plan. HIV Counseling and testing is offered in the context of this plan, and all HIV seropositive clients develop a treatment plan determining their HIV needs and priorities. Counseling and testing is also offered for Hepatitis C as well as Tuberculosis and referrals are made if appropriate.Prevention/case management services and education are offered to clients as well as their families and significant others.     

AIDS Residences
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AIDS Residences offer shelter and services to people with symptomatic HIV disease who are homeless or in danger of being such and have a substance abuse problem. These residences provide support, training, case management, and a variety of other individualized programs both in the residence as well as in the community.    

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