Community Mental Health Strategy Board

The Community Mental Health Strategy Board, created by Public Act 01-08, is charged with developing a strategic plan and approving commitments and disbursements from the Community Mental Health Strategic Investment Fund that are consistent with the plan. The Board is further required, in part, to report annually to the Governor and to the General Assembly: 1) a description of all disbursements made from the fund during the prior fiscal year; and 2) an evaluation of the impact of each program or service receiving such disbursements with respect to outcome and effectiveness in expanding access to quality, appropriate community-based mental health care.

The purpose of the Community Mental Health Strategic Investment Fund, also established pursuant to Public Act 01-08, is to provide assistance for adults and children or youth with mental illness by developing new or expanded community-based facilities, mental health services and supportive housing. The fund is divided into two sub-accounts, a Community Mental Health Restoration Sub-account, and a Supportive Housing Enhancement Sub-account.