Citizens Community Collaborative


The Citizens Community Collaborative, a DMHAS-supported project, is comprised of mental health advocates, researchers, practitioners, scholars, recovery support specialists, people in recovery, civic leaders and community members, all working together to fulfill the promise of social inclusion and full community membership for people with mental health challenges.

Citizenship is our applied framework for advancing our work, both conceptually and practically.  We conduct research, run programs, provide training and technical assistance, advocate for policy change, and work at the grassroots level in our local community.  In all our work, we strive to build equitable relationships, share knowledge and information about mental health, and support efforts designed to promote the mental health and well-being of community residents.

The Citizens Project

The Citizens Project enables people in recovery with incarceration histories to strengthen the core principles of citizenship in their lives. It is a multi-session course in which participants work to build a cohesive, supportive group while exploring together the “Five R’s” of citizenship: rights, responsibilities, roles, resources, relationships.

The Citizens Community Collaborative and Citizens Project are based at the Yale Program for Recovery & Community Health and supported by the Connecticut Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services.