The Connecticut Mental Health Center

Inpatient Services

The CMHC Inpatient Service makes admission decisions in consultation with Utilization Management staff from the DMHAS Office of the Commissioner. Residents of catchment areas 5, 6, 7, and 8, comprising the Greater New Haven area, are generally given priority for admission to CMHC’s beds. Many of the individuals who occupy the unit’s 20 beds are already in treatment at the Center, or have a prior history of inpatient care at CMHC or CVH. Psychiatric, social work, nursing and rehabilitation assessments guide the treatment, which is provided on the unit by a multi-disciplinary team, under the direction of an attending psychiatrist, and in collaboration with any providers who are involved in an individual’s outpatient care.  Treatment involves pharmacotherapy, individual, group, family, occupational, rehabilitative and milieu therapy, as well as medical treatment and assistance with discharge planning, including housing, finances, social and vocational rehabilitation, and the arranging of ongoing medical and psychiatric treatment. Length of stay on the unit varies depending upon the time needed by each individual for thorough assessment, stabilization, and development of a comprehensive discharge plan. 

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