The Connecticut Mental Health Center

Wellness Center

The CMHC Wellness Center provides on-site healthcare and illness prevention services to registered CMHC clients, as well as navigation of other health services and wellness activities offered at CMHC and in the community. The Wellness Center is licensed and operated by the Cornell Scott Hill Health Center and provides an alternative location for CMHC clients to receive primary health care services. CMHC staff may refer CMHC clients to the Wellness Center for their primary care or to any community healthcare center of the client’s choice.  Behavioral Health Home and other clinical staff work with the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center staff to facilitate the engagement of clients into active participation in their healthcare, and to provide educational forums targeting the physical health factors identified as problematic for persons living with serious mental and substance use disorders, including, low levels of physical activity/sedentary lifestyle, the use of tobacco and other addictive substances, the lack of nutrition and dietary education, diet and glucose monitoring for diabetes prevention and management, oral hygiene/dental health practices, use of medications which contribute to metabolic syndrome, obesity and other health conditions, and HIV/AIDS education.

For more information, please call Cornell Scott Hill Health Center, (203) 503-3000.

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