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Bribery & Fraudulently Issued Drivers Licenses Investigation

Leads to Another Arrest


            This arrest stems from the investigation of the DMV Agent from the Norwalk DMV Office who was reportedly accepting bribes and forging DMV License Application Forms to allow subjects to obtain Licenses without going through the proper testing procedures, and falsifying DMV testing records to reflect that subjects passed driving tests when none were administered.

            The DMV Agent, Juan CASIANO was arrested on 10/16/2008 at the DMV in Norwalk. Two other subjects, suspected “middlepersons”, were identified and arrested on that date, they are Jose COLON and Wanda ORTIZ. Both were identified as "middlepersons" in the fraudulently issued license cases.

            The primary “middleman” was identified an Angel CABRERA, who was identified through extensive investigation. CABRERA was reportedly getting cash from the subjects attempting to get licenses, who were then directed to DMV Agent CASIANO. Agent CASIANO would falsely complete the DMV documents that the subjects had taken written and driving tests when none were administered. The initial investigation located several separate subjects who had fraudulently obtained licenses through CABRERA and CASIANO. The investigation is continuing and on-going.

            CABRERA was arrested at the Federal Probation Office in the Federal Court Building in Bridgeport when he went for his bi-weekly Probation Meeting. He was arrested without incident with assistance from the Secret Service and the US Marshals Service.

ARRESTED: Angel CABRERA       (DOB: 10/06/1970)    AGE: 38

                     728 Hancock Avenue, Bridgeport, CT

CHARGES:  C.O.R.A.  (Corrupt Organizations and Racketeering Activity)       

Conspiracy to Commit Forgery 2nd degree (3 Counts)

Conspiracy to Commit Bribe Receiving (3 Counts) 

Tampering with a Witness (1 Count)

BOND: $ 500,000.00              COURT: GA# 20 Norwalk on 11/12/2008