Academy Firearms Training

The decision to use lethal force may be one of the toughest decisions a trooper has to make in their career.  For this reason, recruits have to complete 156 hours of firearms training.  The training consists of many elements.  Those elements include weapons identification, familiarization with assault weapons, mental preparation, use of force, learning applicable state statutes, learning department policy and completing the weapons qualifications course.

Recruits on firing line
Recruits are standing on the firing
line awaiting instructions from the Range Officer.

Range Officers
Range Officers are always close by
to provide individual assistance when necessary.

Shooting positions
Recruits are taught to shoot from a
standing, kneeling and prone position.

Recruit firearms training
Although not required to carry them,  recruits are taught to shoot a shotgun  and AR-15 assault rifle.

Currently, upon completion of the academy, troopers will have to go to the range once a year to successfully complete the qualifications course. Weapons are inspected monthly to ensure they are being maintained properly.