Nonprofit Security Grant Program


The FY 2019 NSGP application period is now open. The application documents are due by email to DESPP no later than 3 PM on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

The Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security/Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DEMHS/DESPP) is providing the following application materials to eligible nonprofit organizations for the FY 2019 Nonprofit Security Grant Program.  Interested applicants must submit their application documents to DEMHS/DESPP to be included in the State’s application.  Nonprofit organizations cannot apply directly to DHS.

Non-Profit Application

For a complete application, eligible Non-profit Organizations must submit three documents to DESPP/DEMHS by the due date:


Please note: A Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number is required and should be entered in the space provided in the Investment Justification.  The Investment Justification should be completed and saved with a file name of NSGP_S_CT_<Nonprofit Name>.  The State does not have a required format for the Vulnerability/Risk Assessment – nonprofit organizations may want to consult with their local police department/agency.

Due Date

The application documents are due by email to DESPP no later than 3 PM on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.  Please email your Application documents to DEMHS at   The subject line should read:  2019 NSGP Application.   You will receive a confirmation email that your submission was received.  If you do not receive a confirmation email – please double check the email address and resend and/or contact us at 860-685-8461

Allowable Projects

 Allowable costs are focused on target hardening and physical security enhancements.

  • Allowable equipment is limited to select items in the following two categories of items on FEMA’s Authorized Equipment List (AEL):
    • Physical Security Enhancement Equipment (Section 14)
    • Inspection and Screening Systems (Section 15)
  • Allowable organizational costs:
  • Allowable Training is limited to:
    • Employed or volunteer security staff to attend security-related training within the United States;
    • Employed or volunteer staff to attend security-related training within the United States with the intent of training other employees or members/congregants upon completing the training (i.e., “train-the-trainer” type courses);
    • Nonprofit organization’s employees, or members/congregants to receive on-site security training.

(Allowable training-related costs under the NSGP are limited to attendance fees for training and related expenses, such as materials, supplies, and/or equipment. Overtime, backfill, and travel expenses are not allowable costs).

Unallowable costs include:

  • Organizational costs and operational overtime costs
  • Hiring of public safety personnel

More information on allowable and unallowable costs please review Appendix C of the Preparedness Grants Manual.

Award Cap: 

The award cap for individual sub-awards is $50,000.  Although, there is no cost share requirement, if a submitted and awarded project exceeds $50,000, the remaining costs will be the responsibility of the applicant.