2023 Flood Awareness Workshops and Materials

In the spring of 2023 the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, under a technical assistance award from the US Army Corps of Engineers through the Floodplain Management Services Program, partnered with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, National Weather Service, and the United States Geological Survey to provide region-specific workshops regarding flooding hazards, resources, and awareness information to local Emergency Management Directors, Chief Elected Officials, Local Planning and Zoning Officials, Town Engineers and organizations that work with underserved populations.

Technical experts provided unique and customized presentations in each respective region, tailored to the types of flooding and resources available to local officials in each DEMHS Region. A copy of all of the presentations delivered at these Flood Awareness Workshops are below:

These workshops were built on and predicated by the success of the Flood Awareness Toolkit, developed by DEMHS in concert with the US Army Corps of Engineers.