Solid Waste Statutes and Regulations Reform Subcommittee

Meetings and Related Material
Subcommittee Leads:
Gaby Frigon, DEEP; 860-424-3795;
Kevin Sullivan, DEEP; 860-424-3275;

Subcommittee members will be notified by e-mail when minutes or new materials are posted.  For more information on the Solid Waste Management Advisory Committee or how you can participate on one of the subcommittees, contact Chris Nelson or call him at 860-424-3454.

Learn more about Solid Waste Statutes and Regulations Reform (PDF) in the Solid Waste Management Plan.

Date  Meetings, Minutes and Related Materials
June 24, 2008 No minutes   
May 27, 2008 Public Act 08-94 (Environmental Justice and the Storage of Asbestos- Containing Materials)
April 22, 2008 No meeting
March 25, 2008 No meeting
Feb. 26, 2008 No minutes
Jan. 22, 2008 No minutes
Nov. 27, 2007 No minutes 
Oct. 23, 2007 Minutes
Sept. 25, 2007 Minutes
Aug. 28, 2007 No minutes
July 24, 2007 No meeting
June 26, 2007 No minutes
May 22, 2007 Minutes not available at this time
April 24, 2007 Minutes

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

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