Gypsum Wallboard Recycling Subcommittee

Meetings, Notes and Related Materials
Facilitator: Sherill Baldwin, DEEP 860-424-3440
Image of contractor in front of new gypsum wallboard Did you know...
  • Approximately 12% of new construction drywall is wasted during installation?
  • Construction of the average home can generate nearly 1 ton of drywall waste?
  • Drywall waste is the heaviest portion of the waste stream from new construction and it can be easily recovered for recycling?
We need to create easy ways to recycle gypsum wallboard in CT!

Who should attend:

General contractors, developers, green builders, drywall distributors and installers, haulers, VRFs, RRFs, Recycling facilities, public work directors, hospitals, universities and colleges, municipalities, and solid waste consultants. All are welcome to help increase gypsum wallboard recycling opportunities in Connecticut.

Meeting Date
 Notes and Related Materials (all pdfs)

Contact Chris Nelson or call him at (860) 424-3454 for information on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

Learn more about Construction and Demolition (PDF) in the Solid Waste Management Plan.

Content last updated December 16, 2020