Solid Waste and Recycling Database Management Systems Subcommittee

Meetings, Minutes and Related Materials
Chair: Judy Belaval, DEEP, 860-424-3239

The following table lists the dates of meetings of the Database Management Subcommittee, and provides additional information relating to these meetings.

Learn more about the Solid Waste and Recycling Database Management Systems in the Solid Waste Management Plan.

Date  Meeting, Minutes and Related Materials
 Nov. 27, 2007  No meeting
 Oct. 23, 2007 Minutes, Municipal Reporting Form (Draft)
 Sept. 25, 2007 Minutes
 Aug. 28, 2007  Committee met with the Recycling Subcommittee
 July 24, 2007  No meeting
 June 26, 2007 Minutes
 May 22, 2007 Minutes
 April 24, 2007 Minutes, Summary of CT Solid Waste Data

Solid Waste Advisory Committee

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