Silver Sands State Park

Construction Project

Improvements –Milford

Construction of the project began in 2018.

Three new buildings will be constructed on the site.  The bath house complex will be constructed near the beach and consist of 3 buildings constructed on an elevated deck.  This includes:

  • A concession building (750 SF),
  • Restrooms (2106 SF) and
  • An office (600 SF).   

A new boardwalk will connect the existing beach boardwalk to the bath house and a short new boardwalk across the tidal wetlands will connect the existing main boardwalk to the new bath house. 

The parking at the bath house will be reconfigured to accommodate the new building. There are 16 existing spaces and the number will increase to 20.   The existing main paved parking lot (197 spaces) will be expanded to 251 spaces.  The existing overflow gravel parking lot (500 spaces) will be reconfigured and built with reinforced grass with a total of 420 spaces.  A new grassed parking lot will be constructed to the north of the main parking lot with a total of 146 spaces.   A ticket booth complex will be constructed along the entry road, and new maintenance building will be constructed at the north end of the park.  This building (4710 SF) will include a garage (1660 SF), a workshop and storage area (1537 SF) and staff space (1527 SF).  Parking will be provided around the building for staff at this location.

Project Status

The project began in 2018.  A substantial structure fire took place on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 prior to completion of the bathhouse complex near the beach.  This which will significantly delay that portion of the project, and further updates will be provided as they are known.

Response to Comments

For more information on this project, contact Tom Tyler at 860-424-3099 or

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Content last updated March 2019