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Dinosaur State Park

Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips (online only using video conferencing software)
Dinosaur State Park is offering live virtual programming for the 2021 school year! Each of the virtual programs provides a dynamic and interactive format with staff at multiple locations throughout the Park! Students and educators have the opportunity to make observations and ask questions throughout the 30 to 45-minute program. These virtual programs provide a bit more depth than what would normally be available for in person activities due to the ability to show different aspects of the Park within seconds. The following topics are available:

Connecticut’s Geologic History
Be a geologist! Learn about the geologic history of Connecticut. Discover how Connecticut’s rocks allowed dinosaur tracks from the early Jurassic to be preserved until the modern day. Learn about Connecticut's minerals and explore how they can indicate the different geologic events that happened in Connecticut through time.
Dinosaurs of Connecticut

Meet the incredible creatures that roamed Connecticut during the Age of Dinosaurs!  Looking at real fossils from the State of Connecticut, students will learn about the amazing variety of dinosaurs and other animals that once called the area home some 200 million years ago. 


Fossil Discovery (PreK-1st Grade)
How do we know dinosaurs existed? Join us as we travel to the past to discover all of the different clues left behind by the dinosaurs and what each can tell us about their lives. Together, we will investigate fossil bones, teeth, and other surprising clues that helped these creatures survive!


To sign up, please complete the Virtual Program Reservation Form

For questions, please contact Michael Ross at


Fabulous Field Trips at Dinosaur State Park (in-person at the Park only)

Visit Dinosaur State Park where you can explore a paleontological museum and enjoy the outdoors...all in one trip. The Park features over 750 Early Jurassic dinosaur footprints preserved in place inside the museum, alongside exhibits about dinosaurs, fossils, and Connecticut geology. The Park has guided programs throughout the school year for grades 1 and up. Your visit will begin with a presentation, followed by a guided tour of the trackway and an activity with the following themes:

Grades 1-5 Fun with Fossils - How do we know that ancient life....including Dinosaurs.....existed? Travel back in the time to learn what Connecticut was like at the time of the dinosaurs and what we can learn about dinosaurs from their footprints and fossils.  Students will examine a wide variety of fossils and dinosaur models to learn about what made dinosaurs unique. 

Grades 3-5 Rocks & Minerals Around Us - The rocks and minerals around us tell a story of dramatic changes in Connecticut over hundreds of millions of years.  We use many of these materials in our lives today.  Students will examine samples of rocks and minerals from around Connecticut, explore their distinctive properties, and discuss ways we use these materials. 

Grades 6-8 CT's Fossil Preservation  - Connecticut has some amazing fossils! However, in order for these fossils to be preserved, many geologic processes need to occur just at the right time for us to experience these one of a kind fossils! Through investigation discover how energy and water has been cycled through time in order in order to preserve the fossils of Connecticut.  

Grades 9-12 and College The Speed of Dinosaurs - While dinosaur bones can tell us what dinosaurs looked like...and how they died, dinosaur tracks can tell us what they did while they were alive!  In this activity, we will get down onto the trackway (no shoes allowed, just socks!) and take dino measurements. Then, using these measurements, calculate the estimated speed of the individual dinosaurs as they walked across our trackway. 

Programs are only $3 per student for ages 6-12; $7 for ages 13 and up.  Adults are $6 each.  Minimum fee for a guided program (1.5 hours in length) is $50; Minimum group size is 10, maximum size of 60 students (call for options for larger groups).

To sign up, please complete the Museum Program Reservation Form

Also available at the Park:

  • Outdoor Casting Area - Make a plaster cast of a dinosaur footprint (seasonal -bring own materials).
  • Mine for Gems and Fossils in our outdoor mining sluice (seasonal - additional fee applies).
  • Outdoor Picnic area 
  • 2.5 miles of hiking trails
  • Bookstore - contact us for information about pre-purchased "Treasure Bags" for your group.

To learn more, call the Park at (860) 529-5816 or email at

400 West Street Rocky Hill, CT 06067

 (860) 529-5816


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