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Rolling Ridge Condominium Association Inc., Norwalk

Notice of Tentative Determination to Approve an Application for Dam Safety Permit and Intent to Waive Public Hearing

Applicant(s): Rolling Ridge Condominium Association, Inc.
Application No: DS-202108206
City/Town: Norwalk
Dam Name & DEEP ID No: Rolling Ridge Condo Dam, #10346, Hazard Class A

The Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (“DEEP”) hereby gives notice that a tentative determination has been reached to approve the following application. The Commissioner also intends to waive the requirement for public hearing pursuant to Section 22a-403 of the Connecticut General Statutes for a dam safety permit.

The Commissioner also gives notice that a hearing may be held on this dam safety permit if the Commissioner determines that the public interest will best be served thereby or shall hold a hearing upon receipt of a petition as described below.

Application No.: DS-202108206 

Applicant’s Name and Address: Rolling Ridge Condominium Association, Inc., c/o The Property Group of CT, 25 Crescent Street, Stamford, CT 06851

Contact Name/Phone No/Email: Brian Seacamp/ 203-919-2246/

Type of Permit: New Permit Dam Safety 

Project Description: Repair/Modify an existing dam

Project Location: 50 Aiken Street, Norwalk, CT 06851 

Water(s): unnamed watercourse
The proposed activities include the following:
1. repairing the stone dam by removing loose grout materials, and repointing the face of the dam;
2. replacing the existing diamond plate deck; 
3. reconstructing existing spillway and weir with new manually operated sluice gate;
4. abandoning and plugging the existing bottom drains and seal penetrations;
5. armoring the stilling basin with boulders;
6. placing approximately 1600 square foot of geosynthetic pond liner beneath the existing mudline on the upstream face of the dam; and
7. remove trees and stumps on and within 25 feet of the dam.
The proposed activities will affect approximately 6,327 square feet of wetlands and 78 square feet of watercourse associated with an unnamed watercourse in Norwalk. 

This application has been assigned No. 202108206; please use this number when corresponding with DEEP regarding this application. Interested persons may obtain copies of the application from the applicant at the above address, through appointment only. Electronic copies of the application and supporting documentation can be provided to interested persons via email. Any such requests for electronic documents may be directed to Akhila Mirza of the Dam Safety section at 860-424-3695 or   

Before making a final decision on this application, the Commissioner shall consider written comments on the application from interested persons.  Written comments on the application should be directed to the staff person indicated above no later than thirty (30) days from the publication date of this notice. Written comments may also be submitted in paper form to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection located at 79 Elm Street, Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse Hartford, CT.  In this submittal, please identify the name of the staff assigned to the application, the permit application number, and your phone number and/or email address to facilitate responses to your comments.  You may contact the staff person identified in this notice with any questions you may have. 

The Commissioner may conduct a public hearing if the Commissioner determines that the public interest will best be served thereby or shall hold a hearing upon receipt of a petition signed by at least twenty-five persons.  Petitions for a hearing shall be submitted within thirty (30) days from the date of publication of this public notice, should include the application number noted above, and identify a contact person to receive notifications.  Petitions may also identify a person who is authorized to engage in discussions regarding the application and, if resolution is reached, withdraw the petition.  

The Office of Adjudications will accept electronically-filed petitions in addition to petitions submitted by mail.  Petitions with required signatures may be filed by email to the Office of Adjudications at or mailed to the DEEP Office of Adjudications, 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106.  Within thirty (30) days, original petitions that were filed electronically must be also mailed to the Office of Adjudications at the above-noted address.  If the original petition exists only in electronic format or signatures were produced using a computer or typewriter, the petition must be submitted with a statement bearing the wet-ink signature of the petitioner that the petition is only available in that format and has been submitted to satisfy the requirement that an original petition be filed. Additional information can be found at

All petitions must be received within the comment period noted above. If a hearing is held, timely notice of such hearing will be published in a newspaper of general circulation and posted on the DEEP website at

/s/ Graham J. Stevens
Bureau Chief
Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse  

Published in The Hour on Friday, November 26, 2021.

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