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Review of Wastewater Infrastructure Plans and Specifications

The following types of wastewater construction or modifications require a DEEP review and approval of plans and specifications:
  1. Any pump station, collection system, and/or treatment facilities, if funding is sought through the Connecticut Clean Water Fund or some other state funding source;
  2. Any pump station, collection system, and/or treatment facilities, if located on state-owned land, regardless of the funding source;
  3. Treatment facilities that are municipally-owned or operated, even if it is only temporary (e.g., pilot study), regardless of the funding source; or
  4. Major pump station (peak design capacity of 5.0 million gallons per day or greater), regardless of the funding source.
If your wastewater infrastructure project does not meet any of the conditions above (e.g., non-state funded sewer extension), a DEEP review of that project is not required.  The local water pollution control authority is responsible for certifying that the designs meet all technical and administrative requirements.  View the 2015 memo for what type of documentation must be submitted to DEEP for certification.
Content last updated January 15, 2020.