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GIS Data Guide
Stream Survey Points 

Publisher Connecticut DEP, Bureau of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division
Publication Date 1997
Data Collection Scale 1:24,000
Data Collection Date 1987 to 1995
Update Frequency Major Rivers and Trout Management Areas ONLY are updated annually DEP GIS Data Downloads

This 1:24000 datalayer includes points along streams which have been surveyed for a variety of characteristics relative to fish habitat. It is a point shapefile with a site number field and x and y coordinate fields. The actual data is in report format in a separate database and is accessed via html (web) pages. This data includes location information, chemical data, physical data and site attributes.

Location information includes stream name, site description, town and the topographic quadrangle map in which the stream is located. The sampling date is also given. Chemical data include dissolved oxygen, pH, alkalinity, conductivity, turbidity, water color, air temperature and water temperature. Descriptions of physical characteristics include the width and depth of the stream, water velocity, discharge volume, salt dilution, substrate information, and instream cover materials. Site details such as the number of pools and riffles along the stream, flow stability, dominant rock type, and whether the stream is located below a dam or lake, is provided.

Fish population information about the stream is assessed, including the species, estimated numbers per hectare, and a standard error of population estimate. The existence of invertebrates (crayfish, clams, mussels) is also noted.

Stream Survey Points

Stream Survey Points

Theme Properties

Theme Name Fisheries_Stream_Survey_Site
Data Source Fisheries_Stream_Survey_Site.shp
Recommended Minimum Display Scale No Minimum
Recommended Maximum Display Scale No Maximum
Recommended Label Field None
Recommended Legend Classification Field Sitenum

Theme Attribute Table

Field Name Description Type Units Domain
Sitenum Site Number Identifies site by number Number >0
X X Coordinate X coordinate in CSP NAD83 Number Feet  >0
Y Y Coordinate Y coordinate in CSP NAD83 Number Feet  >0 

Horizontal Coordinate System

Coordinate System State Plane Coordinate System of 1983
State Plane Zone Connecticut, Zone 3526
Horizontal Datum North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83)
Map Projection Lambert Conformal Conic
Spheroid GRS 80
Map Scale 1:24,000
Map Units Feet

Point of Contact

Contact Bureau of Natural Resources, Fisheries Division
Organization State of Connecticut
Department of Environmental Protection
Mailing Address 79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127
Phone (860) 424-3474