Geographic Response Strategies

Geographic Response Strategies (GRS), sometimes and formerly called Geographic Response Plans (GRP), are map based planning documents intended to be used as a tool employed by emergency officials responding to releases to major rivers. The Geographic Response Strategies help guide local responders to effectively deploy containment and recovery equipment in the event of a spill to navigable waterways.

GRSs are developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in partnership with Connecticut DEEP and the U.S. Coast Guard, through an interagency planning process.  Representatives from various levels of government, responders, resource specialists, and industry work together to identify spill risks and sensitive resources along stretches of major rivers and harbors. 

The following Geographic Response Strategies have been developed for the following locations: 


File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download
220920 NR-CT-01 Torrington GRS.pdf Naugatuck River-Torrington GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 862 KB Download
220920 NR-CT-02 Chase Brass GRS.pdf Naugatuck River-Chase Brass GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 799 KB Download
220920 NR-CT-03 Waterbury GRS.pdf Naugatuck River-Waterbury GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 1833 KB Download
220920 NR-CT-04 Naugatuck GRS.pdf Naugatuck River-Naugatuck GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 922 KB Download
220920 NR-CT-05 Riverbend Park GRS.pdf Naugatuck River-Riverbend Park GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 776 KB Download
220920 NR-CT-06 Kinneytown Dam GRS.pdf Naugatuck River-Kinneytown Dam GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 781 KB Download
220920 HR-CT-01 Housatonic Meadows State Park GRS.pdf Housatonic River-Housatonic Meadows State Park GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 903 KB Download
220920 HR-CT-02 Addis Park GRS.pdf Housatonic River-Addis Park GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 914 KB Download
220920 HR-CT-03 Indian Well State Park GRS.pdf Housatonic River-Indian Well State Park GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 793 KB Download
220920 HR-CT-04 Sunnyside Twomile Brook GRS.pdf Housatonic River-Sunnyside Twomile Brook GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/18/2023 829 KB Download
211108 BH01A Ash Creek GRS Draft.pdf Bridgeport- Ash Creek GRS A GRS-Connecticut 1/24/2023 1116 KB Download
211108 BH01B Ash Creek GRS Draft.pdf Bridgeport- Ash Creek GRS B GRS-Connecticut 1/24/2023 1171 KB Download
211108 BH02A Black Rock Harbor GRS Draft.pdf Bridgeport- Black Rock Harbor GRS A GRS-Connecticut 1/24/2023 983 KB Download
211108 BH02B Black Rock Harbor GRS Draft.pdf Bridgeport- Black Rock Harbor GRS B GRS-Connecticut 1/24/2023 1009 KB Download
211108 BH03 Bridgeport Harbor GRS Draft.pdf Bridgeport- Bridgeport Harbor GRS GRS-Connecticut 1/24/2023 872 KB Download

Source: National Response Team- Regional Response Team 1 


Response Strategies are currently in development for the Connecticut River in Connecticut.  This project will be in development until Autumn 2023.  Up to 15 Geographic Response Strategies will be developed for select areas along the Connecticut River from the Massachusetts/Connecticut border to the I-95 overpass at the Connecticut River in Old Lyme/Old Saybrook, Connecticut. 

Response Strategies for the other large river systems in Connecticut and the coast may be developed in the future.

More information is available at the Regional Response Team 1 (New England) website.  

Content last updated January 24, 2023