Historic Preservation Council


The Historic Preservation Council is established within the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) by state law. The Council, which includes 12 citizen-volunteer members appointed by the Governor for a maximum of two four-year terms, advises DECD on 16 critical historic preservation functions. It is also tasked with working directly with the Office of the Attorney General to prevent the "unreasonable destruction" of properties listed on, or under consideration for listing on, the National Register of Historic Places; reviewing and approving requests to perform work on properties on which DECD holds preservation restrictions; providing a model ballot for use by clerks of municipalities considering the establishment of local historic districts; and placing and maintaining suitable markers, memorials or monuments to designate places or sites of historical significance in Connecticut. In performing these functions, the Council relies on staff support from the State Historic Preservation Office. Historic Preservation Council Members
  • Paul Butkus, Vice Chair
  • Elizabeth Acly
  • Vincencia Adusei
  • Elizabeth Burgess
  • Marguerite Carnell
  • Tom Elmore
  • Leah Glaser
  • Sara O. Nelson
  • Deanna Rhodes
  • Andy Horowitz, State Historian*
  • Sarah Sportman, State Archaeologist*
Historic Preservation Executive Committee Members
  •  Paul Butkus, Vice Chair

*Ex-officio member