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About the State Historic Preservation Office


Shapiro, Elizabeth
Director of Arts, Preservation and Museums
(860) 500-2360

Bengel, Morgan
Museum Assistant, Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine
(860) 653-3563 or (860) 500-2460
Carmelich, Julie
(860) 500-2362

Collins, Chris
Museum Guide, Henry Whitfield State Museum
(203) 453-2457

DiMartino, Joan
Museum Curator, Prudence Crandall Museum
(860) 546-7800, Ext. 8
Dunne, Mary
State Historic Preservation Officer
Certified Local Government & Grants Coordinator
(860) 500-2356
Fink, Erin
Architectural Preservationist
(860) 500-2426

Gaston, Deborah
Secretary, Historic Preservation & CT Freedom Trail
(860) 500-2376 

Labadia, Catherine
Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer
Staff Archaeologist

(860) 500-2329
Levine, Todd
Environmental Review/CT Freedom Trail and W3R Coordinator
(860) 500-2337
McBride, Michael
Museum Curator, Henry Whitfield State Museum
(203) 453-2457

Parrish, Michelle
Assistant Curator, Henry Whitfield State Museum
(203) 453-2457, Ext. 8

Russ, Barbara
Museum Assistant, Eric Sloane Museum
(860) 927-3849 

Scofield, Jenny
National Register Coordinator
(860) 500-2343

Wisniewski, Marena
National Register Specialist/Architectural Historian
(860) 500-2357

450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 5, Hartford, CT 06103