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The State of Connecticut wants to partner with you to ensure your production experience is both rewarding and successful. The Office of Film, Television & Digital Media offers these resources specific to working in Connecticut as well as general information that can be helpful anywhere you shoot.

Digital Media Connecticut

Digital Media CT (DMCT) is a statewide initiative that nurtures Connecticut’s growing workforce in film, television and digital media. The effort is part of a collaborative partnership between the CT Office of Film, Television & Digital Media, and the University of Connecticut Digital Media & Design Department.


Please visit our Production Resource Directory to search for experienced crew and production services in Connecticut. The following link will take you to the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) website, where guidelines on using child actors are provided. State of Connecticut law does not specifically address this issue, but the Department of Labor provides a useful checklist of working with minors.

Film-Friendly Lodgings

Looking for film-friendly accommodations in Connecticut? Our online Production Resource Directory contains film-friendly hotels, corporate housing, extended stay, and inns and motels. Click on Search Support Services, then check all Accommodations listings that apply.

Green Production Practices

State Production Resources

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