Railroad Depot Zone


Below is the list of municipalities approved to offer this type of zone benefits. Please contact any of them to find out whether there are any available properties, and what other incentives and benefits may be available.



Eileen Buckheit

Director, Planning & Development

Town Hall

740 Main Street

East Hartford, CT 06108

Tel: 860-291-7303

Email: ebuckheit@easthartfordct.gov

Town government home page: www.easthartfordct.gov

Local economic development site: https://www.easthartfordct.gov/development-planning

Local economic development EZ pages: https://www.easthartfordct.gov/development-planning/pages/business-incentive-zones



Curtis Eatman
Department of Economic and Neighborhood Development
Town of Hamden
2750 Dixwell Ave.
Hamden, CT 06518
Tel.: 203-287-7030
Email: ceatman@hamden.com
Local government home page: https://www.hamden.com/
Local economic development page: https://www.hamdenedc.com/
Local Enterprise Zone program: https://www.hamdenedc.com/business-incentives/state-enterprise-urban-jobs-and-railroad-depot-zone/state-enterprise-zone-program/



Donna Ralston

City Assessor

City of Norwich

23 Union Street

Norwich, CT 06360

Tel: 860-823-3722

Email: dralston@cityofnorwich.org

City government home page: http://www.norwichct.org/

Local economic development site: https://www.norwichct.org/608/Economic-Development

Local economic development EZ page: https://askncdc.com/programs-incentives/city-and-regional-incentives/