We know many Connecticut businesses are struggling as they deal with the effects of COVID-19. We appreciate their perseverance and know they share our commitment to keeping our residents healthy. The state, working with its federal partners, has several programs and initiatives in place to assist businesses during this difficult period. For specific questions related to small business, email the Joint Information Center at COVID19.JIC@ct.gov, or call the DECD small business hotline at 860-500-2333. Individuals can call 2-1-1 for more information.

Manufacturing Plant Zone


Qualified municipalities may be able to request that the DECD Commissioner designate a Manufacturing Plant Zone within their city/town. Once approved, that designation would enable eligible projects within the Manufacturing Plan Zone to qualify for Enterprise Zone-level benefits.

Key Benefits

For qualifying manufacturers: Companies involved in manufacturing, research associated with manufacturing and distribution warehousing (new construction/expansion only) may benefit from:

  • a five-year, 80% property tax abatement; and
  • a 10-year, 25% business tax credit. 

For qualifying service companies: Certain service companies may also be eligible for these benefits based on several sliding scales:

  • If they invest $20-90 million: a five-year, 40% property tax abatement on real estate and/or equipment; OR
  • if they invest more than $90 million: a five-year, 80% property tax abatement on real estate and/or equipment.
  • If they create 300-599 jobs: a ten-year, 15% business tax credit; UP TO
  • if they create 2,000+ jobs: a ten-year, 50% business tax credit.


Any city/town of less than 20,000 people that is contiguous to a Targeted Investment Community may petition the DECD Commissioner for this zoning designation as long as it:

  • is located next to a census tract in a Targeted Investment Community;
  • has a low- or moderate-income housing project;
  • contains a facility of at least 180,000 square feet formerly used for printing or allied industries;
  • includes at least 100 acres of land that is vacant and zoned industrial or commercial;
  • borders at least a portion of a railroad track and a stream.

Note: any municipality that designates a Manufacturing Plant Zone will not be considered a Targeted Investment Community, and no other incentives programs or benefits available to a Targeted Investment Community apply. 

How to Apply

  1. Before starting any project, the business must first submit a formal request — preferably through the local economic development office for the town.
  2. That application — along with any additional required documents — must be submitted prior to October 1 of the year in which the project will be completed.  
  3. If approved, DECD will issue a Certificate of Eligibility within a few weeks.

Current Designations

Currently, the town of Bloomfield has been designated as a Manufacturing Plant Zone. To learn more about the benefits of establishing, expanding or relocating your business in this zone, please contact Bloomfield's Director of Planning:

José Giner
Director of Planning
Department of Economic Development
Bloomfield Town Hall
Town of Bloomfield
800 Bloomfield Avenue
Bloomfield CT 06002
(860) 769-3514