Technology Talent Fund


The $10 million fund is a resource for both workers and employers to ensure Connecticut has the workforce talent needed to fuel growth in its tech sectors.  It is managed by the Connecticut Technology Talent Advisory Committee.

The Technology Talent Advisory Committee is legislatively tasked with three actions:

  1. Calculate the number of “software developers and other persons” (A) employed in tech-based fields where there is a shortage of qualified employees and (B) employed by businesses located in Connecticut as of December 31, 2016.
  2. Develop pilot programs to recruit tech talent to Connecticut and train residents of the state in tech-based skills with the goal of increasing the number of skilled technology workers in the state.
  3. Identify other tech industries where there is a shortage of qualified employees in this state.


Pursuant to Section 32-7p of the Connecticut General Statutes, the Technology Talent Advisory Committee submitted a full report to the Commerce, Education, Higher Education, and Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committees. This report contains information about the committee’s pilot programs, number of technology-based workers targeted for recruitment, and timeline/measures for reaching the recruitment target.



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