Minority Business Funding


  • Programs
    • Is the Revolving Loan a line of credit for general working capital?
      Answer: No, the revolving loan program is a loan program for specific eligible uses with a focus on retaining existing full-time jobs. Funds are generally disbursed in one payment.
    • How do I know whether to apply for a loan or a grant?

       It depends on the Company’s circumstances:

      1. The Revolving Loan Program offers loans to help support companies to retain existing full-time employees.
      2. The Job Creation Incentive Loan Program offers loans to help support companies growth, including the creation of new full-time jobs and the retention of existing full-time jobs. This program allows for consideration of some loan forgiveness for job creation.
      3. The Matching Grant program offers grants for job creation. The program requires a dollar for dollar match from the Company.
    • Can a grant and loan request be made through DECD at the same time?
      Answer:  Yes, you may apply for both a Matching Grant and a Job Creation Incentive Loan at the same time and on one application form.
    • Is there a job obligation associated with the award of funding?
      Answer: Yes, the purpose of the Small Business Express program is to create and retain jobs in Connecticut. For the Revolving Loan, applicants would have an obligation to retain existing full time jobs for 24 months. For the Matching Grant and Job Creation Incentive Loan, applicants must create new full-time jobs within 12 months and then retain both the new full-time jobs and the existing full-time jobs for 24 months.
    • Is there a job/grant or job/forgiveness ratio?
      Answer: While applications are reviewed on a case by case basis, generally the ratio is $10,000 to $20,000 per new job. Consideration would be given to factors such as the salary level and the skills, education and experience needed to qualify for the job.
    • Do new full-time 1099 type positions count toward the job obligation?
      Answer: No, the positions must be full-time positions where the employee receives a W-2 form and the employer reports the job to the CT Department of Labor. Please note that often company owners do not fall under this category.
  • Application and Process
    • Can I apply if I’ve been in business over 12 months but don’t have three years of financials yet?
      Answer: Yes, provide the financials that you have (audited financials or signed tax returns), including the most recent profit and loss statement and balance sheet.
    • How long does the process typically take?
      Answer: That depends and varies with each small business applicant’s successful submission of all required information and the financial situation of the applicant. DECD’s goal is 45 days from the point where a complete application package is received, but the timeframe could extend out to 60 or 90 days or more depending on the factors such as review issues and the applicant’s responsiveness.
    • Does the Project Financing Plan and Budget form need to be filled out to reflect my entire company budget?

       No, the purpose of the form is to identify how the company proposes to use the DECD funds and if appropriate, also the grant match funds (non-DECD funds).

      Example: ABC Company is applying for Small Business Express funding for an expansion project. The Company plans to expand their product line in order to grow their customer base. The project will consist of leasehold improvements, purchase of machinery and equipment, computer equipment, software, marketing (website upgrade) and salaries. DECD legal costs must also be part of the project. The Company is requesting a $50,000 matching grant and has $50,000 in private matching funds to put into the project. In addition, the Company is requesting a $200,000 loan. The Company is planning to add three new full-time jobs as part of the expansion and is requesting a portion of the funding toward salaries. (The general policy is that applicants can request up to 50% of the total amount requested to be used for new hires salaries.)

    • Can DECD funds be used toward the purchase or lease of machinery and equipment?
      Answer: Funds can be used toward the purchase of machinery and equipment, but not toward the lease of machinery and equipment.
    • Can DECD funds be used toward salaries?
      Answer:  Yes, up to 50% of the requested DECD funds can be used for salaries for new full-time jobs. However, the Company needs to be in a position to support the jobs once the DECD funds are depleted.
    • Can DECD funds be used to refinance existing debt?
      Answer:  Generally no, although credit card debt in the Company name and accounts payable could be considered if it is not more than 25% of the request.
    • Can DECD funds be used to purchase a business?
      Answer: The answer is no.
    • What sources will qualify for the grant matching funds?
      Answer: Eligible sources include Company funds located in a bank account (not accounts receivable), lines of credit, federal funds and approved loans.
    • Where do I send my application?

      Send the complete application package by email to Michelle.Peters@ct.gov or by U.S. Mail to:

      Michelle Peters
      450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 5
      Hartford, CT 06103-1843

      In order to expedite the review of your application, please do not send partial application packages.

    • Is there an application fee?
      Answer: No, there is no application fee, but if DECD were to approve the application, then applicant would be responsible for DECD’s legal costs to prepare the contract documents (assistance agreement). The applicant is required to pay the legal bill prior to the release of funds. These costs may vary based on the specific circumstances of the application, but are estimated at $2,000-$3,000.
  • Payment
    • How are funds disbursed?
      Answer: Typically, the funds are disbursed in one payment. However, each project is reviewed case by case and may differ depending on variables that could impact each agreement. In some cases, funds could be arranged to be disbursed in phases.
    • Can I defer loan payments?
      Answer: Possibly—each project is reviewed on a case by case basis and the decision would be made based on the specific circumstances.
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