Supporting Arts Grant Program

How to Apply & The Application


The application for the FY22 Supporting Arts grant program will be available soon.

In the meantime, please review the following information to prepare for the application.


The Application

This is an outline of what will be asked in the FY22 Supporting Arts application:

Section 1: Applicant Type & Size

  • Is your organization an arts organization or a municipal arts department?
  • Indicate the size of your annual operating budget.
  • Indicate if you are first-time applicant or returning applicant. Note:  First-time applicants must confirm eligibility before applying. Click HERE for information on how to confirm eligibility.

Section 2: Organization's Information

  • Name of Organization
  • What is the legal purpose of your organization as stated in its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws?
  • What is your organization's mission statement?
  • Date of IRS determination letter
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Provide your Business ID number issued by the Connecticut Secretary of the State's Office.  Note:  You can look up your Business ID number HERE.
  • Provide your organization's DUNS number.  Note:  You must have a DUNS number in order to receive funds. For information about DUNS numbers and how to obtain one, click HERE.
  • Organization's address
  • Organization's mailing address, if different
  • Address of space/performance venue, if different
  • Organization's website address
  • Organization's social media sites, if available
  • Organization's legislative districts. Note: Go to Find Your Legislators to obtain this information.  Use the physical address of your organization.
  • Indicate the Designated Regional Service Organization (DRSO) that serves the town in which your organization is located.  Note:  Click HERE to see a list of the DRSOs and the towns they serve.

 Section 3:  READI - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Does your organization have a board-approved DEI or other policy that specifically addresses targeted, oppressed and BIPOC staff, board members and audience members?  If yes, type your DEI policy and indicate the date of board approval.
  • Has your organization offered its staff, board members, volunteers and others professional development (PD) or other training related to diversity, equity and inclusion?  If yes, provide a brief description of the PD/training, when it occurred, indicate if the training was recommended or mandatory and who participated.  Note: You will not be asked to provide specific names 
  • Optional:  Use this text box to share any additional information on PD/training for staff, board members and volunteers.
  • Does your organization allocate funding to organization-wide DEI initiatives?  If yes, indicate 1) amount of funding allocated to organization-wide DEI initiatives for three (3) fiscal years  - last completed, current and next fiscal year (projected), 2) where the funding is in your budget (what line); and 3) brief description of the initiative(s).
  • Optional:  Board and Staff Composition - To the best of your ability, provide information on the composition (gender, race and ethnicity) of your board and staff/contractual workers. Note: This is a request for data to be used for informational purposes only and is not mandatory.  
  • Have you taken any actions in the past two years, or do you plan to take any actions in the next two years, to racially diversify your organization's board and staff?  If yes, please explain.
 Section 4:  READI - Access and ADA Compliance
  • Have you completed the Section 504 Self-Evaluation Workbook made available by the Civil Rights Office of the National Endowment for the Arts?  If yes, indicate date completed.  Note:  Click HERE to see the Section 504 Self-Evaluation Workbook.
  • Does your organization have a staff person, board member or volunteer who serves as an Accessibility Coordinator or "go-to" access person?  If yes, please provide their contact information (name, title, email).
  • Does your organization allocate funding to access-related expenses (i.e. interpreters, audio describers, etc.)?  If yes, indicate 1) amount of funding allocated to access-related expenses for three (3) fiscal years - last completed, current and next fiscal year (projected); 2) where the funding is in your budget (what line); and 3) brief description of the expense(s).
  • Does your organization have a website that is accessible (screen reader compatible) to people who are blind or have low vision?
  • In the past two years, has your organization provided any of the following access-related tools/resources.  Answer options are: No; Yes; If Requested We Are Equipped to Provide
    • Large print materials
    • Braille
    • Audio Description
    • ASL Interpretation
    • Open Captioning
    • Closed Captioning
    • Assistive Listening Devices
    • Sensory-Friendly Programming
  • How would you rank your organization's ability to provide access to your 1) Clientele; 2) Artists; 3) Staff/Volunteers/Contractual Workers/Board Members who are Deaf or having a hearing loss / Blind or have low vision / Use a wheelchair or have limited mobility / Have a cognitive disability.  Ranking options are:  No Access or Extremely Limited; Limited to Moderate; Moderate; Moderate to Excellent; Excellent Access

Section 4: Budget Information

  • Have your organization's financial documents/records been through an audit, a review or a compilation by a Certified Public Account?  If yes, date of completion.
  • Report your organization's annual operating revenue and expenses for three (3) fiscal years - last completed, current and next fiscal year (projected).
  • Upload a financial document that details your organization's annual operating revenue and expenses for its last completed fiscal year.
  • Referring to the uploaded financial document, enter the total amount of your organization's annual operating budget for its last completed fiscal year.
  • Referring to the uploaded financial document, enter the surplus or deficit amount from your organization's last completed fiscal year.  Indicate if the amount is a surplus or a deficit.
  • Optional:  Share any additional information/comments regarding your organization's budget.

Section 5:  COVID-19
In this section, you will be asked to identify actions that your organization took in response to the challenges during the pandemic period of March 2020 to March 2021.  A check-list with choices is provided.  We will also ask you to choose one accomplishment of which you are most proud.

Section 6:  Application Contact Person & Authorized Official

  • Provide contact information for the point person who is responsible for the SAP application and will could be contacted with any questions or requests for additional information (Name/Title/Email)
  • President/Chair of Board (Name & Email)
  • Organization's Executive Director/President/CEO (Name & Email)
  • Authorization to Sign Grant Contract - If awarded funds, there will be a legal contract that will need to be signed.  To help expedite the process, we ask you to identify the person who will be signing the grant contract to accept funds.
  • Upload a competed W-9 form (to help expedite the contracting and payment process)

Section 7:  Acceptance of Terms and Signature

Applicants will be asked to agree with and accept the following two statements with a signature & date.

  • I declare that I have reviewed the Connecticut Office of the Arts' Grant Overview Guidelines and acknowledge that it is my responsibility as a grant applicant to become familiar with these guidelines and that failure to comply could result in ineligibility for the grant program. I understand that should I have any questions regarding these guidelines, I may contact COA/DECD.  

  • I further declare that I have examined information contained in the application for this grant and accompanying documents and, to the best of my knowledge and belief, they are true, correct and complete, and I am in fact eligible for funding under this grant program.  I am aware that the submission of any false information/statement or omission of any pertinent information resulting in the false representation of a material fact in this application and related materials are punishable as a Class A Misdemeanor under Connecticut General Statutes 53a-157b.


Please remember to hit the green Submit button when you are ready to submit!  You will receive a confirmation email from SurveyMonkey Apply if you successfully submitted the application.