State Troubadour

Nomination Process

Any Connecticut citizen may nominate one (1) singer-songwriter for the State Troubadour position. A self-nomination will not be accepted and no award will be given posthumously. (A nominee may receive multiple nominators.)

Nominators must submit the requested information listed below electronically at

Please note, when completing your electronic nomination you will not be able to save and return later. You must be prepared to complete your nomination in its entirety once you begin.

Nominator must provide the following:

  • Nominator's name and contact information (street address, city/town, state, zip, email and phone).
  • Contact information for the Nominee:
    • name, city/town, state and email (required)
    • address, zip and phone (optional, include this information if known) 
  • Please describe your relationship to this nominee (relative, fan, professional, etc.)
  • Why is this individual uniquely qualified to serve Connecticut in this capacity?
  • Please provide a brief paragraph explaining how you have been inspired by your nominee's musicianship and performance.