Lower Fairfield Family Respite Center

Lower Fairfield Family Respite Center
About the Lower Fairfield Family Respite Center
The Lower Fairfield Respite Center is located on 146 Silvermine Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut, on the West Region's Lower Fairfield Campus. The Center has an open layout that is spacious and tastefully decorated. The guests can enjoy the large living room area and watch their favorite movies on the television. The activity room has many types of games to choose from and sensory items to keep busy. The activity room is one of the favorite rooms for the guests to spend time. The Center has 6 beds and each bedroom is uniquely decorated with soothing colors similar to the comforts of home. There are two double bedrooms and two single bedrooms. Two bathrooms are available and one is handicap accessible. The kitchen is an open space that flows into the dining area for easy access to prepare and serve the meals. Several tables are available for guest to dine and the space also offers an informal counter top area to enjoy a meal. The pleasant atmosphere that Lower Fairfield Respite Center has to offer is designed to make the guests feel at home.


The Center is wheelchair accessible and has a nurse available on site to meet the health needs of guests while at Respite.
Main Phone Number
Tel: (203) 642-5067
Jeanne Hager
West Region Respite Coordinator
Individual and Family Support Division 
Tel:  (203) 806-8780
Fax: (860) 706-5830
Evelyn Rodriguez
Behavioral Health Clinical Manager
Tel: (203) 806-8763
Cell: (860) 716-3588
Fax: (860) 920-3040

Dorett Thomas, RN 
Respite Nurse
Tel: (203) 642-5079
146 Silvermine Avenue
Norwalk, Connecticut 06859
Open 4 p.m. Thursday through 10 a.m. Monday


Tour the Center
The West Region Family Respite Center is tucked away along the wandering Silvermine River in Norwalk. The new center offers a quiet, peaceful setting for its weekend guests on the campus of the Department of Developmental Services's Lower Fairfield Center.
When guests arrive at the family respite center they step into a small cozy lobby not unlike some of the finest European hotels.
Gathering Room
Gathering Room
The "gathering room" presents an opportunity for guests to relax and get to know each other. Leather couches, soft lighting and a game table surround a magnificent cherry entertainment center.
Living Room / Kitchen
Living Room / Kitchen
Just off the game room is an open pleasant combination living room and kitchen. A long counter divides the large room allowing guests to join in dinnertime cooking or sit back and watch the evening festivities.
Eating Area
The bistro style eating area provides the charm of a French bed and breakfast including a wrought iron baker's rack.
Celestial Room
The private "Celestial Room" allows
 guests to enjoy the serenity of the
 moon and stars. Carefully decorated, this single room offers peace and tranquility after a long busy day
at the respite center.
Tropical Room
Tropical Room
When you step into the "Tropical Room" you will experience all the flavor and scents of Casa Blanca. The twin room features an airy atmosphere where you can almost feel a tropical breeze swaying in the palm trees.
Country Room
Country Room
The "Country Room " is a quaint private room that has the warmth of a country inn. A cozy nook with a rocking chair gives our guests a chance to unwind and relax before planning their next day of fun and excitement.
Nautical Room
Nautical Room
Stoic lighthouses can be seen from a wayward ship steaming towards the many small harbors along the Atlantic Coast. The "Nautical Room", not unlike a beacon in the night offers a safe haven at the end of a long day. The furniture in deep cherry was carefully chosen while cream walls with powder blue accents highlight the twin room. Our guests will enjoy this large room and hopefully dream of an old captain and his seafaring days.