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Procedure No. Issue Date:   April 2006
Subject:   Family Respite Center Discharge Effective Date:   Upon Release
Section:   Individual and Family Support
  1. Purpose

  2. To establish a standard process for discharge from the Family Respite Centers.
  3. Applicability

  4. This procedure applies to all individuals who receive services at DMR Family Respite Centers.
    This procedure applies to all individual and family support and public services staff responsible for discharging or operations of Family Respite Centers.
  5. Definitions

  6. Family Respite Center - homes or residential units operated by DMR which provide planned, temporary supports to individuals who reside with their families, community training home providers or DCF foster families and who are eligible to receive services from DMR.

    Respite Guest - the individual who receives supports at a Family Respite Center.
  7. Implementation
    1. Family Respite Center staff shall assist the respite guest to gather all belongings and to complete the Guest Survey.
    2. Before a respite guest leaves the Family Respite Center, the staff person in charge or their designee, shall verify the identity of the person picking up the respite guest. Family Respite Center staff will review the individual's visit with their parent/guardian. The review will include any activities in which the individual participated, incidents, injuries, or other noteworthy events.
    3. The Family Respite Center nursing staff, along with the family member, shall complete the Discharge Assessment Form which includes a medication count.
    4. The supervisor of the respite unit shall assure completion of the following:
      a) Respite Evaluation Form
      b) Leisure Activities Form
      c) DMR-Family Respite Center Personal Items Inventory 
      d) Personal Spending Sheet
    5. Family Respite Center staff shall complete a Respite Evaluation Form for each person who has stayed at the Family Respite Center. The supervisor of the respite program shall review, comment, and sign off on this evaluation. The supervisor shall ensure that the Family Respite Center receives the original copy of the Respite Evaluation Form and the Leisure Activities Form within one week of the visit.
  8. References
    1. Discharge Assessment Form
    2. DMR-Family Respite Center Personal Items Inventory
    3. Personal Spending Sheet
    4. Guest Survey
    5. Respite Evaluation Form
    6. Leisure Activities Form