Licensing Regulations
17a-227-02:  Licensure
(a) The administrator shall comply with all regulations unless the commissioner grants a waiver.

(b) A license shall be issued according to type of residence as either a community living arrangement, habilitative nursing facility or residential school. A license may be designated to provide permanent and/or respite services.

(c) A license shall be issued only to a single residence, except in the case of a residential school, condominium or apartment complex, where up to five individual sites located on one campus or complex may be grouped under one license.

(d) Where there is a change in ownership, the new licensee shall comply with all the requirements of these regulations and the applicable laws and regulations of legally authorized agencies.

(e) The license is not transferable and shall be in effect only as the residence was organized at the time the license was issued.

(f) The department shall receive sixty days advance notice when the licensee plans physical structural changes in a home, a sale of the residence or plans to discontinue operation. In the event of a change in the administration, the department will be notified as soon as possible.

(Effective October 1, 1992)