CTH Licensing Regulations

Sec. 17a-227-24. Applications

(a) Applications for a license to conduct or maintain a community training home and provide personal care services for persons with mental retardation or autism shall be filed, on forms provided by the department of developmental services, with the region in which the home is located. An application may be filed by any person or persons.

(b) Applications for an initial license to conduct or maintain a community training home shall be signed by the applicant(s). The application packet shall be completed by the applicant with assistance from the department and include the following information: (1) the real property interest, if any, the applicant(s) holds in the residence, such as lease or ownership; (2) the address and physical description of the residence (3) three character references for each applicant from three responsible people who are not related to the applicant(s); (4) verification of any conviction records of the applicant(s) and any other occupants of the home; (5) whether the applicant(s) currently holds or previously held licenses from the department or any other state department; (6) a certificate of good health for each applicant signed by a licensed physician within the past twelve months; (7) the employment status of the applicant(s) for the past three years; (8) a complete list of all occupants, indicating age and relation to the applicant(s); and (9) a local fire marshal's certificate if the CTH is located in a structure containing more than two dwelling units.

(Effective August 24, 1994.)

Regs. Conn. State Agencies § 17a-227-24, CT ADC § 17a-227-24

CT ADC § 17a-227-24