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Procedure No: I.C.2.PR.010 Issue Date:  January 11, 2002 
Subject:  Requests for Proposals for
  Fiscal Intermedicaries
Effective Date:  Upon release
Revised:  January 26, 2006 
Designated Area of Responsibility:  Individual
A. Purpose
To establish the Department of Mental Retardation’s process for developing, designing, implementing and evaluating Requests for Proposals (RFP's) with regard to the selection of Fiscal Intermediary provider(s).

B. Applicability
This procedure shall apply to DMR Central Office Operations Center, DMR regional staff, Fiscal
Intermediary organizations, families and representatives of citizens with mental retardation.

C. Definitions
(See Individual Supports section definitions)

D. Implementation
  1. The DMR Operations Center in conjunction with appropriate regional personnel will direct the preparation of RFP’s for fiscal intermediaries which will include:
  • Specifications and requirements, fee schedule, performance and qualification criteria,
    and all other responsibilities
  • Evaluation criteria, evaluation team composition, responsibilities, and timelines.
  1. RFP’s for FI's will be issued as required by the State of CT contracting regulations.
  2. The Operations Center will establish and implement a procedure for bidder inquiries through email and the DMR Web page.
  3. The DMR Operations Center will issue all RFP’s for Fiscal Intermediaries.  Notice of the
    RFP will be mailed to existing FI's, private day and residential providers, and other interested parties.  The RFP will be advertised in area papers and on the DAS and DMR Web pages.
  4. The DMR Operations will respond to all bidder inquiries regarding proposal submissions
    through the process described in the RFP.
  5. The Evaluation Team will include a representative from each of the following: consumer,
    family member who does not use an FI, Central Office Operations Center, Broker, and/or
    Regional Contract personnel. The team should include one representative from each region.
  6. The Evaluation Team will evaluate all proposals using established criteria and prepare
    individual evaluations on each proposal.
  7. The Operations Center designee will gather additional information/seek clarification and as
    required in the evaluation of proposals. The designee will check candidates’ references.
  8. The Evaluation Team will interview potential candidates at the discretion of the RFP
    committee. Interviews will be arranged by the Operations Center and conducted by the
    Evaluation Team.
  9. The Evaluation Team will notify the Director of Operations of the top three vendors with the evaluations teams’ recommendation for contract awards.  The Operations Center will review the committee’s recommendations with the Deputy Commissioner who will make the contract award. The Operations Center will notify provider(s) in writing, both those selected and nonselected.  All FOI requests will be responded to in accordance the CT FOI Act.
  10. The DMR Operations Center designee will notify DMR regions which provider(s) have been
    selected to serve as FI's.
  11. Transition of services from an existing FI to a new FI requires careful planning to ensure a
    smooth process.  For people who choose their FI, open enrollment session will be held throughout the state over a three-month period.
E. References
  • 2005 FI RFP
  • RFP Review Proposal Checklist
  • Interested Parties Mailing List maintained by Operations Center
  • State rules for advertising, bidding, and contracting