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Procedure No. I.C.2.PR.006 Issue Date:  January 11, 2002 
Subject:  Individual Budget  Effective Date:  Upon release 
Designated Area of Responsibility:
Individual Supports 
Revised:  January 26, 2006
A. Purpose
To ensure that the Department uses a consistent method for developing and managing Individual Budgets within the resources authorized by the Regional Planning Resource Allocation Teams.  Each individual budget identifies the cost of supports, the type of supports, and the frequency of support that DMR will fund.

B. Applicability
This procedure shall apply to DMR staff with responsibility for Individual Budget development and all individuals and or sponsoring persons who have Individual Budgets with the department.

C. Definitions
Individual Budget – a budget that specifies the type of support, the cost of support and the frequency of support for the participant.  The individual budget includes one-time funds, annualized funds, and the funds for the current budget period that DMR has authorized for the participant.  The Individual Budget is completed in a format designated by the Department.

Individual Budget Data Base: A database that is used by case managers, brokers, resource managers, and transition coordinators to develop and manage individual budgets.  All individual budgets are stored in the Individual Budget Data Base.

Planning and Resource Allocation Team (PRAT) – A Regional Team chaired by the Planning and Quality Coordinator, and comprised of representatives from Resource Management, Case Management Supervision, Business Office, Family Support, and Regional Administration.  This team manages the process whereby DMR identifies available resources, identifies individual consumer needs, assigns Priority, implements Planning and Resource Allocation policies and procedures, makes recommendations regarding applicants for the HCBS waiver, processes allocation of resources, and referrals to available out of home residential group living settings and Provider Agency based day services.

D. Implementation
  1. The case manager/support broker works with the individual/family and their circle to develop an individual plan that describes the future they want for themselves.
  2. With the assistance of the case manager/support broker and circle, the individual/family identifies ways they can use natural supports, community resources, and their own resources to support the plan.
  3. With the assistance of the case manager/support broker and circle the individual/ family identifies potential funding sources (including DMR) for the supports the individual/family needs.
  4. Using the Individual Budget Data Base, the HCBS waiver services, rates and cost guidelines, the case manager/support broker, resource manager, or transition coordinator prepares a budget representing the DMR funded supports.  The region reviews the Individual Budget for consistency with the Individual Plan, the PRAT authorization, waiver requirements and rates.  Budgets are authorized as described in the Procedure No. I.C.2.PR.007 Subject: Individual Support Budget Authorization Process.
  5. Budgets are intended to be flexible and may change, as peoples’ support needs change. They are subject to review and revision annually or as needed. Individual Budgets can be adjusted in the Individual Budget Data Base by adding new line items or moving resources within existing line items. Individual Budget changes are made in accordance with Procedure No. I.C. 2 PR 008.
E. Reference
  • Individual Budget Data Base
  • Individual Support Cost Accounting Standards and Cost Guidelines
  • Individual Support Procedure No. I.C. 2 PR. 007 and 008
  • Individual Family Support Waiver Manual
  • Comprehensive Waiver Budget Services
  • Case Management Supervisor Individual Budget Checklist