DDS Graduates Five Employees from Train the Trainer Program

Train the Trainer Certificate Group
Recently, five Department of Developmental Services (DDS) staff earned their Train the Trainer Certificate through the Connecticut Training and Development Network (CTDN).  Renee LaBarge, Affirmative Action Office; Linda Bamonte, Koleen Kerski and Bob Kiernan, Birth to Three; and Amy Helie, Staff Development attended rigorous coursework which included Adult Learning, Needs Assessments, Presentation Skills, Curriculum Design, Facilitation Skills, and Evaluations.  At the end of the program, students have an increased understanding of theories and philosophies of Adult Education and are more confident public speakers.
The mission of the CTDN is to be the ‘go to’ inter-agency association of state training personnel to assist with developing workforce skills and improving leadership competencies.  The CTDN offers Train the Trainer, Supervisor Training, and an Aspiring Leaders course for new manager development.  All of the classes benefit the state by offering improved training effectiveness and efficiency, networking opportunities among staff development professionals, and the retention of highly trained future managers. 
“The Train the Trainer program is where I began my experience with CTDN, and I was immediately captivated with the organization.  I gained thorough knowledge of many aspects of training, added a great professional support system, and improved my own presentation skills,” said Maureen Evelyn, DDS Staff Development and Chair of CTDN. “I am truly humbled to lead such a collaborative, highly energetic group of professional educators.”
There is no cost to become a CTDN member.  You can find helpful information regarding our events, meetings and programs by going to their website at  The next class of CTDN Train the Trainer will convene in the fall of 2015, so be sure to join today so you can receive updates.