DDS Responds to Hurricane Sandy

(Hartford, CT) – The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) administration responded quickly to the impact of Hurricane Sandy in the state.  On Friday, October 26th, as it became clear, that the hurricane would have a significant impact on Connecticut, emergency plans were developed and on Sunday, October 28th, the DDS Emergency Command Center in Hartford was fully staffed and the State Emergency Operations Center at the Armory was manned by DDS managers.
State Emergency Operation Center
Connecticut Emergency Operations Center, State Armory, Hartford
As the hurricane moved closer, managers, administrators and private providers monitored it minute by minute. More than 115 group homes and CRSs were evacuated due to flood risk or power loss. Many individuals stayed with families, hotels or other provider settings. One public home in the West Region, which was evacuated sustained damage and it will be awhile before the men who call it home can go back. Many other locations lost power, but either had generators or could manage without power. 
“My sincere appreciation to everyone who helped to make sure services continued throughout the hurricane and are still working to make sure that the aftermath of the storm has the least impact possible,” said Commissioner Terrence W. Macy, Ph.D. “I am proud of the agency and provider response during this very difficult time.”
In the coming weeks, the department will continue to monitor statewide restoration and ensure that all services are provided to those in need.