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State Employees Honored for Generosity

Eugene Harvey, Karen Spiegel and Brian Amero
STS Director Eugene Harvey (center) and Karen Spiegel accept the
 award from United Way Workplace Campaign Manager Brian Amero.
The United Way of Greater Waterbury recently honored employees of the Southbury Training School (STS) as a Top 25 United Way Contributor in the state for the 2010-2011 campaign years. The staff raised over $19,000 in donations through the State Employees Campaign for Charitable Giving, making them one of the leading United Way contributors in Connecticut.
STS Administrative Assistant Ms. Karen Spiegel who ran the campaign for STS accepted the award from United Way Workplace Campaign Manager Brian Amero.
“In these economic times, it is amazing to think that my colleagues at STS were able to be so generous,” said Ms. Spiegel.  “Each year we are always hopeful to match the previous year’s donations, but this year went way above our expectations.”
The United Way of Connecticut is a professional association that helps to meet the needs of Connecticut residents by providing information, education and connection to services.  For more information, please visit the United Way of Connecticut website at