Employment First Initiative Update

A number of different surveys have recently been sent out to a variety of stakeholders to gather feedback about "Real Work for Real Pay": community based employment  for at least minimum wage as an option for all people.  Various Department of Developmental Services (DDS) staff have already participated in these surveys and our next step is to seek information from other groups.

The most recent surveys have gone to families, individuals served by the department and private providers. 

The survey to private providers on employment practices was sent out on June 21, 2011. The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from providers on a variety of areas related to integrated, individualized employment for adults served by the Department.   DDS is encouraging providers to participate in the survey which is critical to help the department work on the areas that will be beneficial to our consumers, families, and providers.   This survey has been sent out electronically and can be completed on-line. 

The survey to families and individuals was sent to all of this year's school graduates and a random sampling of adults and future graduates.  We are interested in feedback about how we can help students transition from school into real jobs in the community and how we can help people of all ages attain real work for real pay.  This survey was sent through the mail and if you received one of these surveys, please take a few minutes to fill it out and return it in the stamped, self addressed envelope as soon as possible.

This feedback will be analyzed and will allow the department to focus its efforts and resources on the information obtained from this survey.