DDS Self Advocate Coordinator Jossie Torres Published on National Website

Jossie Torres
Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Self Advocate Coordinator Jossie Torres recently had some “Meeting Tips” published on the Advocating Change Together (ACT) website.  ACT is a nationwide disability rights non-profit organization run by and for people with developmental disabilities and other disabilities.

Ms. Torres published the following tips:

(This week’s meeting tip was submitted by SARN reader Jossie Torres, a self-advocate coordinator from Waterbury, Connecticut.)

Here’s my best meeting tip: Make members feel important. Group leaders should take time to do personal follow-up with self-advocates.

• Send reminders and thank-you notes.
• Let members know how important they are to your meetings.
• Let members know you missed them when they’re gone.
• Last, but not least: Be creative. Let self-advocates be in control.
         Everyone counts and has a gift.
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