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Connecticut DDS Individual Employment Technical Assistance Project

Employment First Employment NowThe Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity to receive assistance on transitioning individuals from group supported employment to individual employment. Through this effort, selected organizations will receive technical assistance on transitioning individuals from group employment situations into individual jobs directly paid by the employer, while building overall organizational capacity. Two organizations will be selected from each of the three DDS regions. The technical assistance (TA) will be provided by the Institute for Community Inclusion. This effort is being sponsored by Connect-Ability. All technical assistance services will be provided at no charge to the service provider. Additional information including application forms are available at: The application deadline is September 17th.
Also, a reminder: applications are still being accepted for the DDS Job Developer Training program. This training series provides a great staff development opportunity, at no cost to the service provider. The deadline for applications for this program is September 8th. Details are also at:
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact:
David Hoff – - 617-287-4308