Frequently Asked Questions
I’m thinking about looking at community options. How do I start the process?
Speak with your STS Case Manager and they will help you begin the process.
I have looked at several different options and can not decide what is best.
We have a team of professionals who know your loved one and can help you decide what opportunity best fits their needs.  You can speak with them and tell them your concerns.
I have made my decision and am moving forward with a community placement.  At what point can I back out or change my mind?
 As you move forward with planning for a move, it is important to let the Team working with you know if there are any parts of the plan you have questions about, or would like to see additional information or planning detailed.  You are able to change your mind at any time during the planning process.
What happens if after my loved one has moved and they are very unhappy.
With any transition there will have to be time to adjust to new a new home. DDS and the Provider will work very closely with your family to make this change as easy as possible.  If you remain unhappy, you can work with your Case Manager to exercise Portability.  Portability is the process in which you may opt to have your loved one’s assigned funding allocation used to purchase services from different providers.