Division of Investigations Contacts

Department of Developmental Services Division of Investigations (DDS DOI)
Central Office Location, 460 Capitol Ave, 2nd floor, Hartford, CT 06106

Kendres Lally, DDS Director of Investigations
Telephone: 860-418-8725/ Right Fax: 860-920-3182
Email: Kendres.Lally@ct.gov

Abuse Investigation Division (AID)
Central Office Location, 460 Capitol Ave, 3rd floor, Hartford, CT 06106
Toll Free Number to Report Allegations of Abuse/Neglect: 1-844-878-8923

John W. Collins, AID Lead DS Investigator
Telephone:  860-418-6141/ Right Fax: 860-920-3155
Email: John.W.Collins@ct.gov

 Don Skewes, AID Investigator
 Telephone:   860-969-7226
 Right Fax:     860-629-6937
 Email: Don.Skewes@ct.gov

 Kathleen E. White, AID Investigator
 Telephone:   860-418-6135
 Right Fax:     860-622-4958
 Email: Kathleen.White@ct.gov

 Daniel Ellis, AID Investigator
 Telephone:   860-418-6146
 Right Fax:    959-200-4765
 Email:   Daniel.Ellis@ct.gov
 David C. Allen, AID Investigator
 Telephone:   860-969-7246
 Right Fax:     860-920-3048
 Email:  David.Allen@ct.gov 
 Jacqueline Nasi, AID Investigator
 Telephone:    860-418-8716
 Right Fax:     860-706-5672
 Email:  Jacqueline.Nasi@ct.gov
 Kyle P. Sampson, AID Investigator
 Telephone:    860-418-6134
 Right Fax:     860-706-1475
 Lynda Sagarese, AID Investigator
 Telephone:   860-418-6133
 Right Fax:     860-622-2781
 Email:  Lynda.Sagarese@ct.gov
 Marisel DeCordova, AID Investigator (TWR)
 Telephone:   860-418-6120
 Right Fax:     860-707-1881
 Vacant, AID Nurse Investigator
 Right Fax:    
 LaToya Garofalo, Secretary II, AID
 Telephone:    860-418-6169
 Right Fax:      860-772-1761
 Email: LaToya.Garofalo@ct.gov 

DDS Division of Investigations

North Region, Founders Plaza, 155 Founders Plaza/255 Pitkin Street, East Hartford, CT 06108  Fax: (860) 263-2514

 Greg Brigandi, DDS DOI Lead Investigator (TWR) 
 Telephone:  860-263-2513
 Right Fax:    860-622-2891
 Email: Gregory.Brigandi@ct.gov
 William Kinahan, DDS DOI Investigator
 Telephone: 860-263-2465
 Right Fax:   860-706-1488
 Email: William.Kinahan@ct.gov
 Debra Swanson, DDS DOI Investigator
 Telephone: 860-263-2579
 Right Fax:   860-920-3168
 Email: Debra.Swanson@ct.gov

 Brian Hill, DDS DOI Investigator
 Telephone: 860-798-5154
 Right Fax:  860-920-3071
 Email: Brian.Hill@ct.gov

South Region, 35 Thorpe Avenue, 3rd floor, Wallingford, CT 06492  Fax: (203) 294-5112

  Robert (Rick) Moylan, DDS DOI Lead
 Telephone: 203-294-5066
 Right Fax:    860-920-3178
 Email: Robert.Moylan@ct.gov
 Bruce Harvey, DDS DOI Investigator
 Telephone: 860-859-5408
 Right Fax:   860-859-5585
 Email: Bruce.Harvey@ct.gov
 Charles "Chuck" Hicking, DDS DOI Investigator
 Telephone:  203-294-5061
 Right Fax:  860-622-4929
 Email: Charles.O.Hicking@ct.gov

 Mary Beth Murphy-Dematteo, DDS DOI Nurse Investigator
Telephone: 203-294-5090
Right Fax: 860-622-2801
Email: MaryBeth.Murphy-Dematteo@ct.gov

 Brynn Giguere-Campbell, DDS DOI Nurse
 Telephone: 203-294-5003
 Right Fax:    860-706-5849
 Email: Brynn.Giguere-Campbell@ct.gov
Michelle Evangelisti, DDS DOI Nurse Investigator
Telephone: 203-294-5139
Right Fax: 860-622-2766
Email: Michelle.Evangelisti@ct.gov

West Region, 55 West Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702

 Leigh Ann Marchand, DDS DOI Lead
 Telephone:   203-574-8826
 Right Fax:    860-622-2715
 Email: LeighAnn.Marchand@ct.gov

 Joseph Porto, DDS DOI Investigator
 Telephone: 203-574-8802
 Right Fax:   860-920-3169
 Email: Joseph.Porto@ct.gov

 Courtney McManus, DDS DOI Investigator
 Telephone: 203-455-2010
 Right Fax:   860-772-1788
 Email: Benjamin.Carpenter@ct.gov
 Rheanna Behuniak, DDS DOI Investigator
 Telephone:  203-574-8815
 Right Fax:  860-622-2745
 Email: Rheanna.Behuniak@ct.gov

Southbury Training School, P.O. Box 872, Staff House 2, Southbury, CT 06488
Fax:  203-262-1625

Benjamin H.Carpenter, III, DDS DOI Investigator
Telephone: 203-586-2255
Right Fax: 860-920-3078

Lisa Pelella, DDS DOI Investigator
Telephone: 203-586-2612
Right Fax: 860-622-4997
Kenerick Brown, DDS A/N Liaison
Telephone: 203-805-7456
Right Fax: 860-622-2677



North Region, 155 Founders Plaza/255 Pitkin Street, East Hartford, CT 06108  Fax: (860) 263-2514

 Serginho Walker, DDS A/N Liaison
 Telephone: 860-263-2469
 Right Fax: 860-706-5831
 Email: Serginho.Walker@ct.gov 

 Shevonne Alexis, Secretary
 Telephone: 860-263-2472
 Email: Shevonne.Alexis@ct.gov 

South Region, 35 Thorpe Ave, 3rd floor, Wallingford, CT 06492, Fax: (203) 294-5112

 Tawnia Pacheco, DDS A/N Liaison
 Telephone: 203-294-5077
 Confidential Fax: 860-622-2712
 Email: Tawnia.A.Pacheco@ct.gov

 Christina Sites,Secretary
 Telephone: 203-294-5151
 Right Fax: 860-920-3063
 Email: Christina.Sites@ct.gov  

West Region, Rowland Government Ctr. 55 W. Main St., Waterbury, CT 06702

 Kenerick Brown, DDS A/N Liaison
 Telephone:  203-805-7456
 Right Fax:    860-622-2677
 Email:  Kenerick.Brown@ct.gov
 Shalimar Gravener, Secretary
 Telephone: 203-805-7463
 Right Fax: 860-920-3118
 Email: Shalimar.Gravener@ct.gov 


List Revised: 10/18/22