Human Rights Committee HRC

The department as one of its key safeguards for the individuals it supports, provides for a Human Rights Committee (HRC) in each region and the Southbury Training School.  The HRC provides independent program and rights review for the sole purpose of advising Regional and Training School Directors regarding issues and concerns relevant to the rights of individuals who receive supports and services from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).  The HRC reviews human rights issues raised by or on behalf of individuals placed or treated under the direction of the Commissioner in DDS operated, funded, and/or licensed facilities or programs, supports and services.  The HRC is made up of a  group of people who are not employees of the department, who provide monitoring to assure the protection of legal and human rights of people with intellectual disability.  Membership may include a physician, a lawyer, a parent, staff of contracted agencies, and other volunteers.  A designated DDS employee acts as a liaison between the HRC and the region or training school.  Following a review of the HRC recommendations, the director grants or denies approval of the treatment.